God’s Protection in Kenya

Jim serves as a missionary in Kenya. Last year, the Lord instructed him to find a way to show the Jesus Film. He used it in Jamaica in the early ninties, but it was difficult because he had to transport a generator, fuel, a homemade screen with PVC pipe, plus, a sound system and VCR projector! Even so, as he watched a Kenyan man show a movie to over 100 children on a 13-inch television screen, he said “it must be done.”


At the end of his month long ministry trip, he went back home to the U.S. and began to search the internet for a projector. That’s when Jim learned about Renew’s portable solar-powered presentation systems. After seeing the option, he set his sights on the Vista 1000. A church from his home town volunteered to donate funds so he could purchase the system.

During his trips to Kenya, he visits four churches and spends one week at each church. He promised two nights of the Jesus Film at each location. However, once the local pastors saw the film, they asked Jim to show it every night and he did whenever possible. By the third night, 800 people attended the showing of the film. There was no room for a call to the altar because the crowds were too large. They responded with great emotion and many people committed their lives to the Lord.

The crowd of 800+ on the third night.

Next, they went to the Massai people. When the people had gathered to see the Jesus Film, again, many people responded joyfully to the Good News.

Banner says: “Movie of Jesus Shown Here Soon” in Swahili.

Jim was concerned about the security of the Vista 1000. He kept it at his bedside, slept with it in a one-man tent in the desert, carried it to breakfast, worship services, and meetings, never letting it out of his sight. He transported it by plane, car, matatu, bus, motorcycle and on his back. He even carried it for a 7-hour ride in the back of a cargo truck when their Land Rover broke down. How did he know the Vista was safe in the cargo truck? He sat with it on top of boxes of cabbage and relief supplies.


Jim had God’s protection through it all. When their vehicle broke down, they were on a 400 mile safari on a road where the government requires travelers to be escorted by a policeman carrying a G3 rifle. They made it out safely only to find that ten bandits were killed just a day and half later at the same location of their breakdown.

God went before them in ways they could not see, but other times His Hand was obvious. Jim was staying in the home of a host family for four days when they were robbed by thieves in the night. On the third night, thieves broke into the host’s house.

The thieves entered the other rooms in the home and stole many items while everyone was asleep. Jim had been clinging onto the Vista system even while he slept in bed. The thieves never entered Jim’s room, which was not locked. A nearby home was also robbed and they attempted to break into a third house. Jim is certain that God protected both him and the projector system.

God had provided Jim with a projector system in the beginning, and only He could get both Jim and the equipment safely back to Ohio after six weeks!

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