Miracles in Nepal

Tim and Mike were driving up some mountains in Nepal when they decided to stop at a viewing point of Mount Everest. Tim explained that last time he had been to this viewing point, in 2007, he had a Hindu tour guide with him named Rita. The lookout had been covered with clouds blocking the beautiful view. Tim prayed and asked God to remove the clouds so that they could see the mountains. Immediately, the clouds moved and Rita was astounded. Although she was convinced that Jesus was real, she remained a strong Hindu.

This time, Tim and Mike had a gorgeous view with no clouds. As they walked back down from the viewing point, Tim noticed a woman that he recognized. It was Rita! Although she only comes up there once in a while, it was God’s plan for them to meet again. They exchanged contact information and went their separate ways.

A day later, they called to see if Rita would be their interpreter. Tim told her that they wanted to pray for the sick and she agreed to interpret. With enthusiasm, Rita told them that on another occasion, Rita asked God to move the clouds just like He had for Tim. Again, God parted the clouds and Rita couldn’t be more excited as she began to understand that there is only one living God.

Rita took Tim and Mike to her in-law’s home just down the road from a Buddhist temple. Her father-in-law had been suffering from severe pain for months due to an open sore in his foot. Surrounded by idols and a Hindu alter, Tim and Mike prayed that pain and alcoholism would leave his body. He was healed immediately! No one in the family was ready to receive Jesus yet, but they asked Tim and Mike to go pray for their “crazy” neighbor. This woman suffered from terrible head aches for years, but with prayer, Jesus healed her instantly. Before they could even finish explaining the Gospel to her, she wanted to give her life to Jesus the healer. They were invited back there the next day to show the JESUS film.

After witnessing all of this, Rita asked Tim and Mike to come to her parents’ house to pray for her father. Later, they realized what a big deal this was. Rita’s father turned out to be a high ranking Hindu and renowned idol maker. His home was decorated with his most prized idols. He was suffering from congestive heart failure and could barely move without wheezing. He gave them permission to pray for him in the name of Jesus and he was instantly healed. They felt led by the Spirit to pray for his pancreas. Unbeknownst to Tim and Mike, diabetes had caused his legs to go numb. A huge grin spread across his face and he asked if it was magic. They repeated that it was Jesus who created him and loved him and now healed him.

Rita’s skeptical mother was next and she was healed of back and knee pain. Rita, her father and her mother all gave their lives to Jesus right there. Mike and Tim covered all the idols with their portable screen so that they could show the JESUS Film. The family watched and wept together and they saw Jesus who had healed them, healed others, and shed his own blood for them.

Their Buddhist driver—who told them that he would never consider Jesus—saw what had happened and asked them to go and pray for his family. This was just the beginning of a powerful trip. Many people were healed and many accepted Jesus. The deaf heard, legs grew, demons were cast out and the Gospel of Jesus came sweeping through.

*Story courtesy of Mike Jensen.

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