Haiti Leads The Way

Haiti’s fragile infrastructure was crumbling even before the buildings collapsed during the massive earthquake of 2010. This disaster destroyed lives and communities. How can believers bring transformation, empower the poor, and rebuild communities in such hard conditions?

Renew partnered with Water Missions and InTouch to provide Living Water whenever people came to collect clean water for their families. How? Renew invented the LightStream, which downloads the Jesus Film and audio Bible onto cell phones.

Results? Amazing. Scroll down to see for yourself.

These young Haitian men are downloading and watching the Jesus Film on their phones.

Haitian students are listening to the Bible in their own language as they enjoy clean water.

Communities are being revitalized as they engage with the Word of God for the first time.

Water Missions provides sustainable clean water systems to communities around the world. Approximately, 3 million of the world’s most destitute people have been served through their efforts. They oversee over 500 clean water projects in Haiti. InTouch Ministries is providing discipleship messages and audio Bibles, and Renew is providing new technology and strategies with the LightStream to “get the Word out.” Click here to find out more about the LightStream.

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