7 Easy Ways To Share The Love Of Jesus with Refugees

By July 12, 2016Updates

We hear all over the news about the trouble caused by the Refugee Crisis. But what if we’re supposed to see this as an opportunity?  As lovers of Jesus we can look beyond the news and see that God is doing greater things than we could imagine through this crisis. We believe that what Satan intends for evil, God turns for good.

“In all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28).

This crisis is an unprecedented opportunity to learn to love our neighbors radically and to share the most radical love story.  Our partners from Antioch Christian Church have launched a movement called Engage the Crisis to seize the opportunity.  Their heart is to draw Muslims to Jesus and mobilize this generation to share the love of Christ with these refugees.

They recently shared a story about a lady named Akela* they had met in Germany at a refugee camp who accepted Christ. They used mobile technology to communicate through Google Translate from German to Arabic and vice versa. During a Bible study with the Engage the Crisis team, Akela shared one of her favorite verses: “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven” (Matthew 5:10). Many people like Akela have had to unwillingly leave their homes, some have lost family members, and some have been beaten and abused. They are hungry for love and peace in a restless place. They are thrilled to experience and hear of the love of Jesus. Now is our chance to be bold and share. It’s time for us to change our views, align our hearts with Jesus, and work together to see these refugees experience Christ. It’s time to share the Word of God with them. Even though there may be language barriers, the story of Jesus remains true and powerful.  All we have to do is harness the technology in our pockets.

Mobile phones are an opening to reach the refugees. By using our mobile phones to evangelize and disciple (mobile ministry), we can share God’s Word.  It is easy to download a Bible in another language and quickly share it with a refugee.  The refugee can then share it with friends phone-to-phone resulting in a viral spread of the media. We all now have an opportunity to do this – whether ministering at home or abroad.  With the power of mobile technology, you don’t have to be an expert to participate.  It’s easy!

Here are 7 easy ways on how you can employ mobile ministry in your work with refugees:
  1. Distribute microSD cards with Gospel media to refugees. 
    • Mobile phones and power banks are considered more vital than food by the refugees themselves (More Info). They predominantly use Android phones, most of which have microSD card slots.  All you have to do is give them a microSD card with media in their language.  We have a practical walk-through here: Mobile Ministry.
  2. Show them the Love Europe App.
    • This app allows refugees to help navigate through Europe. It also shares Jesus media on the app. Check it out at Love Europe App
  3. Use the JESUS Film as an evangelistic tool.
    • By downloading the Jesus Film Media app on your phone you now have the opportunity to share Gospel media everywhere you go. A really easy 3 minute video shows you how: “A Practical Digital Training“.
  4. Setup a LightStream in a café.
    • The LightStream creates a free WiFi hotspot that provides access to Gospel media.  When you go to a coffee house or a restaurant, turn on a LightStream. People in coffee shops are always connected.  With the LightStream there, they will have an opportunity to download Gospel media in their own language. Check out Renew’s LightStream for more info.
  5. Offer free cell phone charging (Hope Rope kits).
    • In partnership with Engage the Crisis, we recently deployed cell phone charging stations called “Hope Rope Kits,” which include LightStreams and microSD. The refugees can charge their phones while experiencing the Gospel.  Call us or e-mail at 770-464-1239 or info@renewoutreach.com if you’re interested in the Hope Rope Kits.
  6. Support a ministry that is actively reaching out to refugees overseas.
    • There are several organizations that are working internationally amongst refugees like Engage the Crisis. Go support them and if there is an opportunity to go over and volunteer – take it!  It could change your life.
  7. Connect with a U.S. ministry that is helping refugees here at home. In your hometown there are ways to help the refugees around you.
    • Find a local church with a ministry to internationals.  Antioch Christian Church is a great example, but many other local churches have established ministries of this kind as well.
    • Start an international ministry within your church.  Find local international communities (often near large cities or college campuses) and start your own work.
    • Christ for All Peoples can help you with practical tools and strategies to share your faith with internationals and immigrants in your own backyard.
    • Check out Ministry to Muslims to find events and resources geared towards reaching out to Muslims.

There are many chances to help refugees and share the love of Jesus with them.  Let’s work together to turn this crisis into a great God-opportunity!

Don’t forget to check out our Mobile Ministry page for lots of great tutorials and links to more helpful info about how to use your mobile device for God’s glory.

*names have been changed to protect identity

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