LightStream Pocket

One of the leading challenges in missions is the cost and difficulty of distributing Bibles. The LightStream Pocket is a tool for getting digital Bibles and other Christian media onto cell phones in the “rarely connected” world – places in the developing world where there is limited, restricted, or no internet connectivity. It uses 3 technologies to distribute this media onto the phones: WiFi, microSD cards, and Bluetooth.

Program Cost

1-4 QTY: $75.00

5-9 QTY: $72.75

10-99 QTY: $70.50

100+ QTY: $68.25


**Password protected. To access the firmware update, please email


Power on the LightStream Pocket and any nearby cell phone can connect to the WiFi hotspot and browse through the “netflix-like” user interface to select and download or stream the Christian media stored on the device. Put a microSD card in the microSD slot, and the LightStream Pocket will quickly copy the media over to the card and optionally lock it if you don’t want the media to ever be removed or deleted. Finally, the LightStream Pocket scans for bluetooth-enabled devices and automatically “pushes” the Christian media files to them. These 3 distribution methods make the LightStream an ideal solution to quickly and efficiently get Bibles and other Christian media to the people you’re trying to reach.

For more details, please check out our LightStream Pocket Info Sheet.


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