Develops skills that will build health in a community or culture.

With the Goal to Improve Health


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The method is investing in community leaders so that they can empower their communities to use local resources to address local health needs. 


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These interactive sessions, or Participatory Learning Activities (PLA), are designed for groups of 20 or less; suitable for remote preliterate indigenous communities or urban settings; adaptable to culture, language and geographic locations.


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Long term missionaries can use these sessions as an adjunct to their primary focus and address disease prevention among those they serve. Short term missionaries can use these health promotion tools to invest in the communities and leaders for long term sustainable benefit.


Booklet 1: Healthy Community

Interactive health lessons focusing on foundational principles of group facilitation, understanding health holistically, honoring the communities and identifying resources, identifying health issues, identifying community priorities and barriers to improved health, creating community ownership, how to build interactive health lessons, and leading community problems solving and implementation sessions.

Booklet 2: Health Lessons

Interactive health lessons focusing on clean water, sanitation, hygiene. There are also introductory lessons on nutrition, HIV and sexual health, diabetes, respiratory illness, high blood pressure, and addiction.

Booklet 3: Health Sexuality

Interactive health lessons focusing on male and female identity, development, anatomy and physiology, pregnancy, HIV and sexually transmitted disease.

Booklet 4: Healthy Living - Addiction Free

Interactive health lessons focusing on definition and descriptions of drugs and alcohol use and addiction, addiction prevention, addiction intervention and treatment, and recovery from addiction.

Booklet 5: Healthy Mothers and Newborns

Interactive health lessons focusing on basic introductory information on pregnancy- planning, normal and danger signs in pregnancy, preparing for delivery, the three stages of labor, danger signs in labor, and immediate postpartum care of the mother and newborn.


Participant Workbooks

Highly visual resource for Renew Health promotion training participants to record principles and PLA’s. These will be useful when the trainers return home as ‘trainers’- and use these reminders to facilitate health promotion sessions in their communities.

Laminated Infographics

These are laminated sheets with subjects including water contamination, etiology of diarrheal illness,  water storage, latrines, Solar Disinfection of water (SODIS), Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS), handwashing, dehydration, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV, and pregnancy. 

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