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Here at Renew, we have been praying and dreaming with God about the whole continent of Africa being covered with the Gospel of Christ. Through the church in Africa using technology and unique strategies, we believe this is possible through the Grace of God. A team from Renew traveled to Nigeria, Benin and Togo, Africa in July and saw the amazing impact. They conducted 7 trainings in churches, teaching over 200 pastors and leaders from various denominations the Reach and Mobile Ministry strategies.

One trainee stated, “This training gave us new evangelistic tools and a new Bible study method to break the monotony that currently happens in our Bible study sessions.”

These strategies give individuals the knowledge to use their cell phones and gospel media together. They empower the individual to virally spread audio and visual Bibles where resources like the internet are almost non-existent. A person can show a clip from the JESUS Film from their mobile phone to initiate a conversation on the street. They can then share that same clip via Bluetooth or WIFI direct. Bible study groups can be easily formed around a mobile phone to listen to the audio Bible. The several two-day training sessions had a measurable impact as learners not only modeled and practiced these tools of one-on-one evangelism but went out into the streets and put the strategies into action with a JESUS Film clip and sharing through Bluetooth.

Another said, “The training triggered and fueled the fire of evangelism in my life and I am having a different approach to evangelism.”

If churches across Africa are trained to recognize the power of what is in their hands (their mobile phones) and the simplicity of sharing Gospel media in their own language, we could see the message of Jesus spread over all of Africa through person-to-person interaction. Why not dream big dreams with God? Our prayer is that the Word of God would flourish through the use of simple technology and Gospel media.

Pray with us and believe that every person could hear the Word of God in their own language in Africa!

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