We want to help you bring the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Church Planting Strategies

The Reach Strategy

Our partner ministries have discovered a powerful strategy for starting indigenous-led church planting movements all over the globe. We call it the Reach Strategy.  Watch these videos and learn how to apply the Reach Strategy within your mission efforts.

Training 4 Trainers and Discovery Bible Study

Two of the most effective disciple making strategies we have seen employed throughout the world are Training 4 Trainers (T4T) and Discovery Bible Studies (DBS or also known as Disciple Making Movements, DMM). We encourage you to look into these models and use one, both, or a hybrid to become more effective at disciple-making. You can also read this very informative article comparing the two strategies that originally appeared in Mission Frontiers magazine.

Mobile Ministry

Mobile Ministry is the use of mobile devices (e.g., cell phones, tablets) to advance the Gospel. Renew specializes in a sub-category of Mobile Ministry – offline distribution – for people with no or limited internet access. This is a great tool to use for follow up after a Gospel presentation! Many groups are advancing the Kingdom doing Mobile Ministry with online apps and internet, but Renew is focused on remote people in the developing world who have little to no internet access.  If you are new to mobile ministry, probably the best place to start is reading through the very helpful Mobile Ministry Made Easy guide.


Learn More About Mobile Ministry

The Mobile Ministry Forum is a movement of mobile ministry to the ends of the earth.  They train, equip, and advocate for the Body of Christ to incorporate mobile ministry practices into their work.  Renew has been privileged to be in partnership with the Mobile Ministry Forum since their beginnings.  Visit the Mobile Ministry Forum website to find a plethora of additional resources on mobile ministry best practices. From courses to webinars to guides to research data, they have it all.

Eradicating Bible Poverty

Our close friends and partners at YWAM have put together some helpful training videos to get you started sharing digital Bibles on mobile phones.  Please watch the videos below to add digital Bible distribution to your missions toolkit.