We create innovative technology to help the Global Church make Jesus famous.

Many regions of the world have roadblocks that prevent access to the Gospel.


Lack of infrastructure results in a non-existent or unstable power grid in many developing nations.


Most unreached people groups live in a rarely-connected paradigm due to lack of infrastructure or censorship.


Challenges such as persecution and hostile leadership inhibit people from hearing the Gospel.


Most unreached people groups across the globe rely heavily on spoken or visual forms of communication, rather than written text.

Our Solution

  • We harness cutting edge technology to develop the best equipment to meet the needs of the mission field

  • We train churches and missionaries to maximize their global Kingdom impact

  • We promote a heart of worship and a lifestyle of prayer

  • We motivate the Global Church with powerful stories of God at work among the nations

  • We find and distribute the most powerful audio and visual media to transform hearts with the power of the Gospel

Our Equipment

Harnessing the latest technology and digital Gospel media, we’ve created efficient ways to help God’s world-changers spread the story of Jesus.


Browse our equipment, media, and training to multiply your fruitfulness.

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