We’ve made solar-powered, portable options to help you send the Gospel to the ends of the earth.


Vista System: Solar-Powered Projectors

Showing Gospel movies to large crowds in areas that don’t have electricity. Each of our Vista systems has everything that you need to do Gospel movie presentations in remote areas, including a projector, speakers, lithium battery, and optional solar panel.

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WiFi/Bluetooth Distribution

The LightStream is a portable media distribution system that allows users to create a full featured “digital library” from which Gospel media can be shared on mobile devices without depending on access to internet or electricity.

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Solar-Powered Audio Bible Players

The audio New Testament is available in over 1000 languages, recorded by Faith Comes By Hearing. Each of our audio Bible players is solar powered and can hold more than 1 language of audio Bible.  Audio Bibles are vital in initiating church planting movements among remote oral cultures.

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Gospel Media Distribution

MicroSD Cards are small memory chips that can hold enormous amounts of information. Most of the world’s cellphones have MicroSD card slots, which makes this a great way to give Gospel media content to cellphone users.

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